AWG Pre-Competition Checklist:

Thank you so much for hosting an Athlete Warrior Games competition, we are providing you with this checklist of common issues gyms/course designers have had while hosting an AWG competition. This list is designed as a quick reference sheet, please review the AWG Rules

  1. Once signed into your Ninja Master Leagure Subscription you will need to create a new event. Make sure on the setup page you select the AWG rule set.

  2. All AWG courses require a course time limit, you will need to enter this into Ninja Master on the setup page.  Double check that it matches the time on the wave page when you create your competition waves.

  3. When adding contestants on the contest page, please select the appropriate region in the window. Midwest is the default setting and will be displayed on the leaderboards if not changed.

  4. If any questions or confusion arises while setting up your Ninja Master software, please contact or call +19843773455

  5. All AWG age groups are now gender specific, any athlete 14+ may compete up in adult amateur or pro

  6. AWG league points are calculated after a competition, these points are separate from the course points achieved during the competition. League points are derived from the final placement of an athlete (in their selected age group) after the completion of a competition.

  7. Facility employees hosting an AWG location may compete as long as they have ZERO knowledge or design of the AWG competing course. This rule is on the honor system so please act accordingly.

  8. All gyms/course designers must send a video of their AWG course, mark the points on the on the obstacles and have someone run the course with your determined time limit. Please send the video to:

  9. AWG regular season competition price structure: regular season comps $15 per athlete & $20 per team

  10. AWG Regional competition price structure: $20 per athlete, $25 per team.

  11. Please review all the AWG Rules prior to course design and start of your comp, some rules have been updated.